I’m working on a series of books and online classes for this site, so stay tuned. In the interim, here are some goodies for you to consider. Please note, these are Amazon affiliate links and proceeds keep this site rocking and rolling. I also highly recommend Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited subscription service, allowing you to “borrow” up to nine books a month for free. Many of these books are available on that service.

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Table of Contents

Getting Started in Family History

DNA and Family History

Genealogy and Family History Software

RootsMagic7 Family Tree Maker software Personal Historian - RootsMagic Family Atlas - RootsMagic Evidentia Software Clooz - Genealogy Research GenSmarts - Genealogy Research Research Ties

Family History Research

Genealogy Practices, Standards, and Certifications

This are books that should be for everyone interested in doing their best family history research and work, but especially for those who desire to take it to the next level.

Books and Products for Organization and Storage

Research Logs, Notebooks, and Study Aids

For the Family History Road Warrior

Computer Hardware and Accessories

These are items mentioned on this site as recommended for improving your family history research time spent glued to your computer. If you are going to spend more than an hour or two a day in front of a computer, take care of yourself by using ergonomic gear.

NOTES: The Logitech Wireless Performance MX mouse is available new and used through

Razor Vespula Gamer Mousepad
Logitech Master Wireless Mouse
Logitech Anywhere Wireless Mobile Mouse
Swopper Desk Stool

Kinesis Ergonomic Keyboards and Accessories for PC and Mac
NOTE: If choosing to get the recommended VIP3 Accessory Kit for the Kinesis Freestyle2 Keyboard, DO NOT use the palm pads. It is medically proven that wrist rests contribute to carpal tunnel syndrome.

PC USB – 9″ separation
Mac USB – 9″ separation
PC USB – 20″ separation
Bluetooth Version Keyboard
Kinesis Numeric Keypad