FBI Records Vault Reveals Bigfoot

The FBI looked into Bigfoot legend, and the documents are now online. What does this have to do with Life in the Past Lane and genealogy?

This is one of the many documents from the FBI Records Vault now available to the general public, and your ancestors, or maybe recent family, may be included in the thousands of scanned documents covering wild theories, investigations, and reports on everything from the Roswell UFO incident to investigations of top business people.

The documents on Bigfoot’s investigation covers 1976 and 1977, involving many agents and time to resolve this long-standing mystery. They even went so far as to analyze hairs and tissues, making me wonder if they have done DNA tests on them since then. Likely not as the hairs and tissues were found to be deer, but we remain hopeful.

The Vault covers a wide range of FBI information released in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, and are worth exploring to see if you find relatives in there. Check out the Foreign Counterintelligence, Gangster Era, Fugitives, or maybe Public Corruption.

My father always said it was more fun to find the bad guys in our family tree than it was to find the normal people. Good luck with your search for the bad guys.