Brazil National Museum Surprises Salvaged

So thrilled when BBC News carried the story that the Brazil National Museum was able to save “little surprises” from the ashes from the fire last September.

Many Brazilians wept after their 200-year-old National Museum was destroyed in a devastating fire last September. Twenty million objects, many of them irreplaceable, were thought to have been lost. But eight months later, staff have salvaged more treasures than they expected, and there are hopes that one of the great museums of the world can be brought back to life.

I especially was delighted with this encouraging sentiment from Pedro Luiz von Seehausen, archaeologist:

“We have a moral obligation to collect the pieces, even if they are broken in a million pieces,” he says. “Some days I am pretty sad and I feel that I am just dragging myself to work here. But then I usually find one piece is in good condition and I am like, ‘Well, it’s worth it.'”

The technology to recover burned pages and artifacts is better than ever, and getting better with every opportunity to help recover and restore damaged artifacts and heirlooms. Eager to follow along with this adventure with renewed hope.